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Do You Love Your Leads? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should.

Last updated 4 years ago

Surprising, right? Generating leads online — whether via SEO, social media or other advertising — has never been more popular with local businesses. But without timely follow-up, these lead generation activities won’t generate the new customers (and revenue) businesses like you ultimately want.

Getting someone’s business isn’t always easy. But putting a system in place that helps you organize and follow up with leads makes getting more customers — and keeping them — much easier.
So, here are three reasons it’s important for every business to invest in establishing a good lead management system. Not sure it’s something you can do or have time for? It can be easier than you think, as long as you have the right pieces in place.

Many consumers call you to ask about products or services, get a price quote, or 
better yet, book an appointment. But when you aren’t able to answer these calls, they may go to a voicemail system or answering service that doesn’t immediately provide the information your prospects are looking for. 
When you don’t respond quickly enough — or at all — it’s safe to assume those customers are going to your competitors — and that’s not what you want.
However, having a lead management system will help you follow up with these leads as quickly as possible. Plus, using a system that will record every call gives you the opportunity to listen to all of your calls and know exactly how to respond to new leads when you promptly call them back.

If you keep each lead’s contact information scribbled on a sticky note or on the back of a business card, chances are their information will be lost and you won’t follow up with them. 

In other words, if you don’t act quickly, you probably won’t act at all. That means you are most likely losing these hard-won leads simply because you don’t have a lead management system.
Instead, you need a digital, accessible way to collect and store new lead information, complete with each prospect’s phone number, email address, and any qualifying information they may provide. Having a system in place for recording this data will help you and your employees make sure your lead list is accurate and complete, so when you follow up, you have the right information in front of you. Even a spreadsheet or a shared document on an online drive is better than nothing.
The important takeaway is to put a lead management system in place so you can 
collect important information and then follow up quickly with your leads.

In many industries, especially those with highly-researched products or services, or longer sales cycles (such as an auto dealer or kitchen remodeler), many consumers who contact your business will not be ready to make a purchase immediately.
That’s OK! But what’s critical here is not to leave those leads hanging. You need a way to stay in touch with them after they contact you, so you can stay top of mind and entice them to book and buy from your business when they are ready.
That’s where lead nurturing comes in. By sending new prospects — or even existing customers — regular email communications with relevant information about your industry, new product and service offerings, or promotions and specials, your leads are more likely to remember your business and buy from you.
What is your process for lead capture, identification, alert, response, nurture and closing? What other tactics have worked for your business? Do you not have a system in place? How do you measure results? Is it automated, or manual and time-intensive?
Ready for a better system for your business? ReachEdge can help:

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