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Business Caffeine Monday (Part 3)- Getting More Contacts

Last updated 4 years ago

In Part 1, I discussed the positive impact that improving your sales closing ratio can have on your bottom line and used a local university as a simple example. Last week, I outlined successful ways to get discovered online in order to add more qualified consumers into the top of your sales funnel, leveraging a real skincare product business as an example. This week, I am focusing on the middle of the funnel and showing productive ways your business can get more contacts (phone calls, emails, chats, and contact forms).

I am going to use a plumber I have been working with for about 9 months as an example, and highlight what we did to improve the number of phone calls and jobs they get each month.

Contact wasteland

We are increasingly living in a “click-to-call” world. Rarely do we remember numbers by memory, and the fads of a vanity number or using just one local number are a dying art. Mobile is becoming so important as our direct contact to the outside world, especially for the economy known as online-to-offline commerce.

Besides ease of contact, we are becoming a lot less patient and we’re hungry for the knowledge we seek instantly. By making consumers hunt for your phone number on your website, or worse yet, embedding your number as an image instead of text so when someone tries to click on the number on your (not so) mobile friendly site, you are going to lose customers. Nobody has the time or patience. Consumers simply move on and your competitors will be thanking you for passing along the business.

Small changes can make a big impact

We helped the client increase monthly calls by 18% (and we’re just getting started). We recently transitioned them from their not-so-bad website to our ReachEdge smart site and added TotalLiveChat (by having this simple option, the client captured leads in real-time who may have otherwise left their site).

Specifically, we gave them a more modern design, ensured their site was search, ad and mobile optimized, corrected grammar mistakes, improved their images, simplified their contact forms and built it to work harder and smarter behind the scenes to get them more contacts.

Here are snapshots of their website before and after the changes:

  • Plumber Website Before 1
  • Plumber Website Before 3
  • Plumber Website Before 2


The bottom line

If you are spending money to advertise your business, you need to be sure you are getting as many contacts as possible from your efforts. According to Marketing Sherpa, the average business gets only about 5% of website visitors to contact them. That leaves a lot of room for improvement!

You also want to be sure to utilize a system that shows you what advertising source (online and offline) is not only getting you the most contacts, but the highest ROI.

The key takeaways to rolling out a good Contact strategy are

>>Update your website (the average business updates their site every 2.5 years) to make it clean, modern and optimized to today’s standards

>>Ensure your site is mobile-friendly

>>Put your number and address (if you have a location for consumers) prominently in the upper right corner on each page of your site

>>Make contact forms short and easy to fill out

>>Use reviews and client testimonials to build credibility

>>Quality images and videos can help establish professionalism

>>Use compelling calls-to-action where it makes sense to get consumers to contact you now

>>Offer more than one way to be contacted besides phone, such as Live Chat and email

>>Make sure your phones are always being answered

>>Reaching contacts within 1 day increases their likelihood to convert by 49% (Source: Gleanster)

>>Track the sources that drive the most contacts and ROI, and then optimize around those ad campaigns

How many consumers contact you? Here is the link: to plug in your numbers. Be sure to join the movement #DontLeakLeads!


Searching on Mobile for local businesses:


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