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Tired of Doing It All Yourself?

Last updated 4 years ago

Here are some signs of when you may want to consider outsourcing your business’ online marketing and technology initiatives:

  • Pretty unclear of how many of your web site visitors actually turn into customers or what keywords generate the most revenue
  • Not entirely sure what the difference is between SEO and SEM
  • You don’t remember the last time you checked your CPC
  • Your click-thru rate has never consistently stayed above 1%
  • A little foggy on what Quality Score means or how to really change it
  • You have a Facebook page, and maybe even a Twitter account, but a.) you’re not a big fan of using social media or b.) not really sure how to utilize it to help your business grow or c.) just don’t have time to pay attention to it
  • Not sure how it works when you surf the web and you see ads on sites that seem to be tailored just for you, and maybe even wish you could do that for your own business
  • Google Analytics- huh?
  • You're envious of your competitor who seems to have tons of online reviews (and maybe even good ones at that)
  • You generate at least $1MM annually in revenue as a business, but not satisfied until you get to...$2MM, $3MM, $5MM+)

In previous posts, I’ve talked about where you should start, but maybe you are at a point of where you have tried various online marketing tactics and a.) you just haven’t had success with it (success being simply you generated more in NET return than you invested), or b.) you’re tired and fed up with keeping up with it or c.) you just don’t have the time to manage it all.

This is where I can help, and I’d like to highlight a success story to illustrate the point.

Just One of Many Success Stories

Here is an actual client on their third contract with my company, ReachLocal.  Before we started, they were running their own Google AdWords to okay results. 

They hired me as their consultant mainly because they wanted to track and understand how many actual leads were being generated from their campaigns, not just visits to their site. 

Here is what transpired:

  • Monthly budget:  $1,500 (the same they were spending when they were running their own AdWords)
  • Target markets:  based in Sarasota, FL, but pull customers who need their vans from Orlando through Ft. Myers
  • Results:  Averaged 471 visits / 24 phone calls / 40 web events (a web event is a revenue generating activity on their site).  They’re booked solid renting out their wheelchair accessible vans each month.

Here are the results looking at the 2 months prior to working with me, and the latest two months of their campaign:

Again, I was hired to make their Search Advertising more transparent, not to necessarily lower their cost per click, or even increase their click-thru rate, but they were nice added benefits of using our platform (adding additional search engines, professional management of their keywords, and our proprietary optimization technology all helped).

What’s next for them?

We started rolling out other services to convert more visitors to leads, such as a Live Chat widget, which has proven to boost leads by 30% for our clients.  

In Phase II, we are going to be rolling out a Retargeting campaign to ensure we stay in front of the other 97% of potential consumers who are showing buying intent and nurture more leads to keep them in the buying funnel.

See how Retargeting works:

There are many other success stories to reference.

Additionally, I have written before on the topic of choosing the right consultant once you are ready to make the move and outsource your online marketing strategy. 

Above all, results should speak for themselves, but other criteria should be factored in such as accessibility, reliability, assets they have access to and others. 

Most critically, in my opinion, is the ability to accurately measure ROI and strategically think as you, the SMB owner or the Marketing Director.  One measure I take with my clients before onboarding is estimating expected ROI using real data. 

Check out how I did this recently with an Auto Repair company in the Tampa market:

Making a Calculated Investment

Here was our data from over 6,000 active campaigns across the U.S. (click on the images to enlarge):

Here is with their data (margins and average transaction value) plugged in:

The take away here is I used real data, but by even using conservative baseline numbers, like a 1% click-thru rate, 5-7% lead conversion rate, etc., this Import Auto Repair shop can realistically expect to NET over $4,000 a month from their $1,160 monthly investment. 

Pretty cool, and I look forward to working with this client and adding a new success story to our portfolio!

When I compare this to my former life as a rep in TV and before that, print advertising, I could hardly come close to accurately measuring ROI, if at all. 

It is no surprise that my typical client, the local business, is taking more ad dollars away from traditional media and investing in online marketing and technology strategies because it’s delivering the best results for their growth.


TAKE ACTION:  Receive a complimentary web analysis and figure out if our platform makes sense for your business:  Call (941) 735-3600 or click HERE

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